A Day Without Internet 

“Influence of Internet in daily life” is an often heard topic today. Numerous articles,essays etc have been written about it. But let me tell you, inorder to know the real depth of its influence one should live a day without internet. I know that for many of us its nearly impossible. I’m writing this after spending a day and a half without internet. Right now I understand how deep internet has its hold on me. Whole day I had been roaming around like there was nothing in the world for me to do anymore. I crawled onto the bed and remained there the rest of the day listening to songs. Even though my mind was stacked with ideas and plans I couldn’t put any of it to action because all of it required this life changing technology. Without internet my tab and mobile was like a piece of metal.  I kept feeling sad that a whole day of mine got ‘wasted’ because of being disconnected. 

At the same time I kept thinking about the lives of people a couple of years back. I went back a few years when I was a kid who was oblivious of the speedy and progressing digital world. It felt like another me in let’s say another planet. It feels like a vague dream which I saw one day. Anyway I want to thank Bob Marley for his beautiful song ‘The Buffalo Soldier’ which I listened to more than a 10 times today.. 


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