Happy Children’s Day..

Remember the time when Mondays came with a cry and fridays with laughter? The days when a word of praise from the teacher made the day. Childhood; just another word for innocence. Today on my way back home I came across many children dressed in  white kurthas and white pants getting ready for their programme. I couldn’t help but stare at them for some time and think about my childhood. It was an age when a single balloon could make you the happiest person on earth. And the small bruise which you get while playing would be the biggest tension of life. In fact it was the period of life when we all were happily busy with our ‘works’. We didn’t know what it meant to get bored or alone. Whoever played with us became our friends and whoever took away our toys became the enemies. No matter how big the problem was a few hours of sleep would fix it right. 

They say with every year you grow into an adult. But don’t we all have some traits of that kid somewhere in us?  This is to wish you that kid in all of us a HAPPY. CHILDREN’S DAY. Don’t forget to give some space for that kid to grow up and dream..;) 


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