Let’s Make A Happy Tart

via Daily Prompt: Tart  When I first saw the word tart it didn’t ring any bell to me.  But a moment of thought sparked my imagination. A fruit tart contains both sour strawberries as well as the sweet ones. If one picks the sour fruit first he may leave the entire tart behind thinking it’s bad as a whole.Don’t we approach our lives with the same tendancy? With a single negative experience we turn our faces against life and shuts all doors of happiness and lock it with stress and overthinking. We make ourselves believe that the rest of the life is going to be the very same. But what about the sweet fruits lying beneath them? Those are the beautiful surprises held in store for us by life. The sweetness of those will replace the bitterness you felt earlier. So is life. It doesn’t end with the bitter happening it’s only a beginning of the beautiful time ahead. As it’s often said, sometimes bitterness is needed to understand the worth of sweetness. Life ends only when you hesitate to take the next step and give up on your run..https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/tart/


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