Magic Vs Magic..

via Photo Challenge: Magic  Like any other child I was totally (well still I’m) into the magical world created by Disney. I dreamt of living in that sparkling castle enjoying with fellow magical creatures. For the kid in me disney movies became synonym for the word Magic..



But as I grew up I started to witness another kind of ‘magic’. And it was the magic in the name of divinity. Countless healers and saints and prophets emerged and doomed at the same time. Tales began to spread about their divinity. It’s said that they can heal people by touching, by blowing and sometimes just by looking! And then followed the ‘Magical Instruments’ which includes shells to mere wristbands. All your dreams will come true, all you have to do is wear it or carry it with you!. It looks like within years there’s gonna be Harry Potters and Voldemorts walking across the pavements.

What the world needs now is a real magic to throw away the fakes exploiting religion and faith of people. A magic to rid the darkness and bring on the light of reality and truth..





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