The Never Ending Rein of Monarchy.

A chain of incidents is making me write this. It’s said that monarchy left the world free from its grip ages ago. Autocracy ended with rulers like Hitler and Mussolini. The world had been declared republic, democratic and free from all hands of total power. But I have to object that statement here on the basis of few incidents which I witnessed. There was this head of the institution who all of a sudden implemented a set of aristocratic rules and deprived the students of their rights. Even though it’s going to be greeted with much protest. The reason behind the action is quite hilarious. It was the lack of audience to hear his ostentaious speech and bragging about his own self. It wounded his ego as well as his superiority complex. 

 Synonym of monarchy is fear. Where there is monarchy there is fear. People exploit this fear to generate respect  in the minds of their subjects. But often it has an adverse effect in their minds. The day one decides to wake up and struggle against this fear, no monarch is going to survive. It was always this courage and determinism which brought about the end of much feared autocrats seen by the world. It’s not in the nature of human being to be restricted. We always tend to break the chains and fly with the wings of freedom. 

Another definition of monarchy is ‘to be silenced’. It’s when a single voice is heard and thousands of others are silenced. Coming back to our houshold, in the case of marriage and opting higher studies girls are often silenced by the so called head of the family. Their opinions and suggestions are unheard and is later drowned in the decision taken by the seniors.  

To sum up, even if we can’t see crowned monarchs or armed autocrats Monarchy still lives. All humans tend to be a monarch and quenches for power. Few takes it through the path of democarcy while majority takes it through the rough path of self centered autocratic power. Unless the suppressed ones takes their stand and fight for their rights, monarchy is going to rein the earth forever. 


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