Walking Through The Past II

Today I’m taking you through the legacy of a prominent palace in my area. Even from my childhood I loved visits to old palaces, museums and all those infrastructures which were part of the history. I love the stories which they have to share and the silence which prevails in these places. Well, I started writing this post sitting on a seat made put of rock in the midst of several trees overlooking a great pond with ducks quaking and having their own time. Does it feel like I’m exaggerating? Well I’m not.

This palace was one of the ‘to visit’ places in my list. I entered inside with great happiness expecting to capture it’s every nook and corner. But Alas! photography is banned inside it. It’s a blunder that they don’t allow camera inside all those must click places. I got in and strolled through the corridors watching the exhibits. The floor was tiled and roof was built in wood. Each door was a royal glory made out of strong wood,tall and sleek. The best thing I love about places like this is the silence prevailing there. I walked wondering about the life of the ruler and also how it would be to live in those ages. There were huge portraits of him and other rulers inside the palace. I stared at it for a long time thinking about their lives and stuff. (I guess now I know why I love to write) 

This was made as a platform for travellers to unload their weights and get a rest.

I got out and moved towards the groove behind it. It was filled with trees. Air was rich with pleasant fragrance. I found my seat and relaxed closing my eyes and taking in every bit of fresh air. I always wanted to write something sitting in the lap of nature. So I took out my tab and started modifying my thoughts to words.


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