What It Likes To Be An INFJ

I have been pondering for hours looking for an idea to write about. So today let me tell you all a bit about me. I took the Meyer’s Briggs personality test few weeks back and it showed that I’m an INFJ-ian. I was really spell bound reading the description of this particular type. Well, it was so me.. INFJ’s  are the rarest personality type (that’s what they say). They are well I must say we are as I belong to that group, known for our unparalleled kindness, care and vast imagination. We also tend to brood over silly matters and stress for days. That’s a usual thing for me. We are considering to be perfectionists which is sometimes a curse I must say. INFJ’s will go to any extend to keep their relationships alive. We don’t really like breaking the chords. We are introverts who are also extroverts. Does that sound weird?  Well that’s the truth. We are not extreme introverts and has a crazy network of friends. We like to open up and hang out with people who has the same thought level like us. And that’s the reason why I have a very few friends whom I call besties. INFJ’S are the synonym of emotion and thereby we are super sensitive. We are diplomatic and stays away from violence. We are said to be creative and lives in our own world. I’m a person living in my own world inside my head talking and rocking with the characters whom I created from nothing. 

Hobbies of INFJ’S include photography, writing, music,arts etc. We rely alot on intution and bothers like anything about future. In short INFJ’S are a group of people with a rational mind and a sensitive heart.


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