Let Bygones Be Bygones..

When I stood in the corniche watching the fireworks decorate the sky at midnight I had absolutely no idea how this year was going to turn out. Basedon the course my life was taking I marked this year as ‘worst’. It’s said “never judge a book by it’s cover”. Everything turned around. Sorrows gave way to joy. Tears gave way to happiness. Moreover I rediscovered myself, my passion and my dreams. Not only I found out my passion but I also working for it which is giving me great pleasure. 2016 started as a tornado but its ending as a beautiful spring. 2016 gave me a bunch of true friends and a number of thrilling experiences with them. I realized my worth and value. I understood whatis actually meant by being human.

Thanks to God Almighty, family, friends for their unconditional love and care. Last but not the least, Thank you to my readers for encouraging me and supporting me..  On this New year eve,all I have to say is “Let bygones be bygones.” 


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