Institutions Or Slaughterhouse?

Najeeb. Vemula, Jishnu; one single factor binds them all together.  It’s called  Institutional Murder. Two of these people ended their life in piece of rope. And one is suffering a fate much worse than that. It’s been a while since political parties and managements with an unquenchable thirst for money, started attacking the institution called education. It deepened its claws on education by taking two precious lives with it. 

The first sparks of revolution and renaissance always emerged in the minds of youth. Their voice were heard alone, and clear fighting for justice and human rights. The world would have been a much darker place if it weren’t for the youngsters. Education ignited their spirits and lead their way at darkest of times. In short, education and youth were the two medicines which healed the wounds of the world. 

Right now, managements are ruling the educational institutions. It’s their laws which runs the system. The students have become a mere commodity which helps them run their business. The reason, questioning nature, courage to speak out loud and the spirit to protest against the evils and injustices happening around them have been uprooted by these educational ‘companies’. Which is going to make them both selfish and incapable. Najeeb and the most recent victim Jishnu suffered the same kind of fate. If  Najeeb was abduted by goons, Jishnu was mentally tormented by the teachers and management. Education in India have turned into big joke for a while now. Instead of creating a skillful and socially responsible society , the educational field is contributing a bunch of socially irresponsible, selfish and literally a good for nothing youngsters who are going to lead India ‘forward’. 

Praise the talented, support the downtrodden and fight against the evil..  Let that be the notion that education upholds.. 


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