Month: February 2017


Why do I always feel that I don’t fit in with others

Why am I a misfit? 

Is it me who is weird? Or is it the society who see me as a misfit?  


Midnight Craft

Even though I like filling my walls with drawings, diys, I’m not at all good in crafts. I always mess up. I lose patience and leave the work in half. I’m a huge fan of wall arts and wall paintings. This new year I tried something really cool with my friends who are quite an expert in craft. It was past 12. We lit up candles and were truly enjoying the night. We had no intention of sleeping. Then it hit me. Both of them are good artists. So I decided to give them a chance to express their talent. I asked them to draw my dearest and biggest love, a guitar on my wall. Both of them sprang to action at once. They grabbed the colors and started to adorn my wall with a beautiful guitar. Along with the guitar was written a few words. “She designed a life she loved”. We also scribbled down the date beside the picture.  Now when I gaze at it a bunch of priceless memories comes flooding back to my mind.

Solitude Is Bliss

I’m a lover of solitude. I likes to keep to myself at times. Either I dream about things I want to happen in my life such as, travelling across the globe etc. Secondly Solitude means only one thing to me. 

Starting from my childhood my best companion were books. When I think about my childhood all that comes to my mind is me along with a bunch of books. Even after all these years it’s one of my favorite ways of spending time when I’m alone. Books filled me with a reckless and wandering soul. Who always wish to fly and explore.

Be A Good Judge

People always judge me as a serious and reserved person. Countless times I wished if they could recognize the real me. Personally I’m jovial and friendly. But only a handful of people knows that. I do find it hard to blend in with the ones who’s thoughts don’t get along with mine. Countless times me too have made the same mistake. I judge people too fast. Sometimes my perception turns out to be right but sometimes wrong. There’s a famous quotation of Shakespeare in the play Macbeth. “There’s no art to find mind’s construction on the face”. It is obviously true. Also while judging a person one shouldn’t go with what they have heard of that person. Judge one based on your experience with them. Indeed experience is the best teacher!

Secondly recognize your passion. It’one thing which rejuvenated me.It gave me a whole new set of ideology and changed my outlook of life. Recognize your inner instincts and live a life of your dreams. Stand out from the crowd.


For a couple of days my mind has been in chaos. Many thoughts have been swirling inside it. We are too confined to our own lives and now I’m ashamed of it. There’s a poem written by Pablo Neruda named Keeping Quiet. In it he asks us the humans to take a moment and think about the lives of our brothers. It’s one thing we always fail to do. 

Trump’s travel ban have put many students in deep agony. They can’t meet with their family. They have to choose between family and education. There’s no greater pain than being cut off from family. I hope their wounds heal soon. If you are reading this I want you to know that my heart too cries out for you. While many of us worry about what to wear, which restaurant to go many out there are battling for the existence and survival of their lives. I can feel the pain in my heart and it’s excruciating. The world slowly stepping into the path of monarchy. People (we) have lost the voice. 

Everything is starting to become meaningless. Governance, education, all sectors are now run as per the choice of one single individual. Masses are being silenced. If we let ourself to be silenced then doubtlessly we are going to regret it. Atleast for a single day step out of your comfort zones and stand with your brother. There’s not much time to spread hate amongst each other. Especially hate in the name of religion, caste, race etc. Those are not even a criteria to judge an individual. The air you take in has no religion,the water you use to quench your thirst has no caste then why is it alive only in our hearts?

Coming back to India, few weeks back the principal of a law college in Kerala abused a student by calling the name of caste. How filthy are we really? When each of us was born we were born as humans. No caste was labelled on our foreheads. It is really ironical that many of the leaders we boast about and carry in our hearts with respects were truly prejudiced when it came to caste issues. By leaders I meant social reformers. So what was the kind of social reforming they were focused on?

Before we learn any new technology or a new fact, learn to be a HUMAN. Live & Let Live.