Be A Good Judge

People always judge me as a serious and reserved person. Countless times I wished if they could recognize the real me. Personally I’m jovial and friendly. But only a handful of people knows that. I do find it hard to blend in with the ones who’s thoughts don’t get along with mine. Countless times me too have made the same mistake. I judge people too fast. Sometimes my perception turns out to be right but sometimes wrong. There’s a famous quotation of Shakespeare in the play Macbeth. “There’s no art to find mind’s construction on the face”. It is obviously true. Also while judging a person one shouldn’t go with what they have heard of that person. Judge one based on your experience with them. Indeed experience is the best teacher!

Secondly recognize your passion. It’one thing which rejuvenated me.It gave me a whole new set of ideology and changed my outlook of life. Recognize your inner instincts and live a life of your dreams. Stand out from the crowd.


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