Kick Off!

Is gender a necessity for survival? Is it important to live in this world? I don’t think so. Today women are being suppressed and ostracized because of their gender. Lives of transgenders are even worse. Males dominate the world, they dominate women, they take decisions but what’s the basis of all these? Who declared that they are superior in of all the other genders? Or what’s the incident which shaped this thought? Day by day women’s rights are being curbed. Marriage has become an easy way for this. According to me marriage is nothing but chains to dreams of young girls. If so shouldn’t we destroy the walls of gender? 

These were slogans we raised while we marched to the stadium for the game. And trust me the faces of the people gathered on both sides of the road was red with anger. As if they never watched something more despicable and dreadful.

This game was distinct for many reasons. Particularly because it was a Gender Neutral Football.  Each team consisted seven girls, three boys and one transgender. The prime objective of the game was to break all the barricades of gender and spread equality and love. When I sat in the gallery to watch the game I knew I was witnessing something legendary. Of course it brought frowns and despise on many faces but yes it is indeed a big leap of change. After all no revolution was ever greeted without hatred and anger. But we are determined to move forward and we are going to bring about a change. 



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