I Wish, I Wish..

All you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust”

It’s been a while since I started longing for a fairy. I imagine waking up one morning to find a cute little fairy wavering in the air with a wand, smiling down at me. Like in those disney movies which I love even now, I would jump up and down with glee.  I would instantly engage in a talk with my new friend and would ask her to help me with my pile of mess. 

Firstly I would seek her help in one of the most complex issues. That being people. I will ask her to unveil before me the faces of all those people who longs for my love, care, time and talk with all their heart. I would rush near them with happiness along with my fairy. I would surprise all those who is secretly wishing for my time. After that I will tell her to expose all the faces which are fake and nothing but genuine. Obviously that list is going to hurt if it has any of my favorite faces. I will ask my fairy to erase those faces from the pages of my life as well as from my mind. Finally I will tour the minds of everyone who is close to me just to know what they think about me. So much will change after that.

Second task is going to be more hard. At times she will have to play my thoughts on the screen so that the ones concerned can read it out. My words often fail to express my thoughts which leaves me mysterious. I want the world to know how much I cared, how I felt at times and how pure is my mind and heart. Some may shed a tear or two seeing how they made me feel at times. My fairy will make it all right. 

Lastly she will take me by the hand and let me enter the fairy world where there is no emotions other than happiness. I would befriend my favorite characters and meet a few people who made their homes in there. I would say I was waiting to meet you and live happily ever after

 (If you think I’m crazy I don’t mind.) 


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