Blanket Of Green

Right now I’m in a cozy room in a prominent hillstation in the God’s Own Country. I always wanted to visit here. I love the hairpin bends and thick fog which welcomes me as I climb the hill. For days I have been looking forward to this trip and finally the day arrived. However the journey wasn’t quite pleasant as I wished. Mostly because of the terrible heat in here. You will baked in the sun if you get out it’s that hot. The journey made me crumpled and weary. I was way too sad that my most anticipated trip was getting ruined. However I got rejuvenated when the first chilling breeze of the hill station swept my face. I felt glad and went out to explore the lush greenery with my camera. This particular hill station is popular for it’s thick blanket of green. You can see wide acres of tea estates in here. You can even feel the sweet aroma of tea leaves in your ride.  I went to watch the sunset from the top of one such hill. It was a terrific sight. The thick fog was being a villain of course. But the trek to the top of the hill was simply beautiful. I never knew that the tea estates can look as beautiful as this. I spent some time above there watching the fog take over the hills. Gradually all I could see was the white. It is one of the most beautiful natural spectacles I witnessed. A hot and steaming plate of maggi just made the ambience more better ;). 

However right now my whole body is aching pretty bad. I’m planning to cover a wildlife park tomorrow and it needs a well and fit physique and energy. I hope I will be all right by morning. My shots will narrate the rest of the story.
Shot with Nikon D3300



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