Blanket Of Green – Wrapping Up

The second or the final day of the trip was quite a fun one. Wildlife is one of my favorite subjects for photography. I like to capture all those which has a life and a soul. I’m not at all into capturing the artificial stuff. I set out to visit a wildlife park in the morning. But Alas! I met with deep disappointment when they said the ticket wasn’t available for two long hours. I couldn’t afford the idea of leaving my biggest wish behind. I waited there for three hours and finally managed to get hold of a ticket.  It is a long trek to a rocky mountain region. There is sparse vegetation here and there. But as you walk deeper into it you will see huge trees and bushes. Nilgiri Thar is the chief attraction in here. The whole point of the park was to protect this endangered species. It is easy to sight a Thar whilst your trek. They have got so used to the presence of people that it doesn’t bother them at all anymore. 

When you trek to the end point here, you can get a splendid view of Munnar. You can even see the roads snaking through the chest of mountains all covered in plush green. I climbed down the mountains with a lump in my heart. It felt hard to bid goodbye to  the ravishing munnar. The story didn’t end here though. 

Howbeit I was sad about my return, it was still packed with adventure and exploring. I chose to travel through a different route this time. It ran through the middle of a thick jungle. It was nearly evening and few animals chose make their appearance. I got a glimpse of several peacocks,few alone and another as a group, deer, monkeys and finally a group of elephants. Unfortunately I couldn’t copy them to my lens as it meant putting my life in jeopardy. 

But I can say this. It made me fall in love with wild all over again!

Nilgiri Thar

Found this little temple inside the forest

Shot with Nikon D3300


12 thoughts on “Blanket Of Green – Wrapping Up

  1. i’m grateful that you visited my blog. otherwise, i wouldn’t have discovered yours. i see that you have an eye for photography. you write well, too. what a combination. i’ll be stopping by again to enjoy more of your stuff. cheers!

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