Right now I’m taking a big step towards my biggest dream. A quick glance at my blog would tell you how much photography and writing means to me. I do admit that there’s still miles for me to go to an expert or let’s say exceptional in both. However right now I’m head over heels for both. Day and night I dream of becoming established and proving myself through either of it or sometimes both 😉 . I have become addicted to the idea of roaming around the world with my camera and later writing my tales. There’s a lot I want to achieve in my life. And it’s all triggered by my passion.  

Reel was the first name that came to my mind when I thought about naming my photography collection. If my captures ever becomes famous it should be under this name. However I needed a logo to represent my works or my collection. Now I’m unveiling the official logo of Reel before my fellow bloggers. 

From today this will adorn my clicks. I truly believe that my dreams would come true one day. Because I know how much I yearn for it.  I’m waiting for the day my Reel hits the charts. 


4 thoughts on “Initialization

  1. I have no doubt that you will realise those dreams, your determination shines through in your writing and photography. Every success for the future.

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