A Day Out..

Last day we paid a visit to the beach. It’s absolutely right when they say with friends no adventure is too hard. Being afraid of walking on the huge rocks I usually shy away from such things. Last day I dared to do it with my friends. I walked all the way and sat on the edge which is jutting out to the sea.

We sat there for hours singing and laughing. We were dripped wet every time the waves splashed onto the rocks on which we were seated. Then we knew that we were weaving  an everlasting memory sitting there. Here and there people were busy with their fishing poles. As I’m too tired to write more I’m uploading the pictures. 😉




It’s Thanksgiving Day!!.. 

It’s been a great day for me. Within moments I finished writing the wish on the board it was filled with thank you messages. Everybody enjoyed remembering all the memories and people who made their life worth living. Later we distributed cards and asked them to write a letter for the special one to whom they are grateful from the bottom of their heart. At the end of the day I was given a card by one of my friends which stretched a big smile on my face. It was a great sight watching them pour their heart out.. I’m thankful for this day as it makes us remember all those faces who add colour to our lives. HAPPY THANKSGIVING..   

Share your  thanksgiving day story here. 

Happiness Is Being Grateful.

With thanksgiving just a day away, it’s time to fill our hearts with gratitude. No matter how hard the life is, there is always something to be thankful for. This year has been quite a rollercoaster ride for me. It’s been an important year for me in all means. I kind of rediscovered myself this year. I found out my true passion and started spending every minute of life for it. Now as it’s called Thanksgiving day let me point out all those incidents and people to whom I’m immensely grateful.

  • God Almighty. If He had stopped listening to my whining and weeps and requests I would have ended up dead. He showed me that no matter how long the night is, day must arrive.. 
  • Family. There’s no other soul inthe world who forgave me and supported me after all the time I went or did wrong. They taught me how to be a human and instilled in me the morals of a good life. It’s that morals on which I built (building)  my empire.
  • Friends. Live every day like it’s your last. We were always spontaneous with our plans and actions. I tasted the kind of fun with them like I never did. Movies, trips, I do have some cool friends
  • “Never go seeking for love. It’s right beside you. Love the ones who love you. “That’s the best advice I ever got till today. The secret of my happiness. 
  • Adalia Rose. She showed me the spirit of life.Her life reassured me never to give up.. 
  • Teacher(s). I was quite confused about what to do with my future. Now I know my destiny. Now it’s a dream for which I’m living for..

All these together make me who I’m today. Thank you for giving me a chance to be myself. HAPPY THANKSGIVING… 

This is my thanksgiving story. What’s yours?

Burn Melt & Die

via Daily Prompt: Scorched

It’s said to be winter. But its weird that I can’t see a drop of snow or mornings covered with fog. All I can see is the burning sun both in morning till evening. While walking out sometimes a fear grips my heart. How long can we live here anymore? Climate change have gone beyond any of our control. It’s slowly sucking the breath out of mother Earth. If we dream of living a life then we better start working for it not just on environment day, ozone day but on all days. Let me give a small tip.

Before you bring forth another generation make sure they gets four things.


    • Air to breathe
    • Food to eat
    • Water to drink
    • Place to settle down and live



Magic Vs Magic..

via Photo Challenge: Magic  Like any other child I was totally (well still I’m) into the magical world created by Disney. I dreamt of living in that sparkling castle enjoying with fellow magical creatures. For the kid in me disney movies became synonym for the word Magic..



But as I grew up I started to witness another kind of ‘magic’. And it was the magic in the name of divinity. Countless healers and saints and prophets emerged and doomed at the same time. Tales began to spread about their divinity. It’s said that they can heal people by touching, by blowing and sometimes just by looking! And then followed the ‘Magical Instruments’ which includes shells to mere wristbands. All your dreams will come true, all you have to do is wear it or carry it with you!. It looks like within years there’s gonna be Harry Potters and Voldemorts walking across the pavements.

What the world needs now is a real magic to throw away the fakes exploiting religion and faith of people. A magic to rid the darkness and bring on the light of reality and truth..






Let’s Make A Happy Tart

via Daily Prompt: Tart  When I first saw the word tart it didn’t ring any bell to me.  But a moment of thought sparked my imagination. A fruit tart contains both sour strawberries as well as the sweet ones. If one picks the sour fruit first he may leave the entire tart behind thinking it’s bad as a whole.Don’t we approach our lives with the same tendancy? With a single negative experience we turn our faces against life and shuts all doors of happiness and lock it with stress and overthinking. We make ourselves believe that the rest of the life is going to be the very same. But what about the sweet fruits lying beneath them? Those are the beautiful surprises held in store for us by life. The sweetness of those will replace the bitterness you felt earlier. So is life. It doesn’t end with the bitter happening it’s only a beginning of the beautiful time ahead. As it’s often said, sometimes bitterness is needed to understand the worth of sweetness. Life ends only when you hesitate to take the next step and give up on your run..https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/tart/