Sweet Vengeance 

Few years ago I had to make a decision which was really crucial for my future. On one hand I had fallen irrevocably in love with literature and on the other hand I was made to love everything except literature. The question was quite simple. Whether to be a medic or to be a writer.Two factors helped me take my decision.I knew that books made me happy and writing gave me great joy. I decided to follow  my heart’s call and live my passion.

Second one is a long and exciting tale.It was my science tutor who found great joy in blaming and mocking Literature in all the ways she could. According to her Literature was meant for underperforming students and for those who wanted to waste their time. Every time she started this I could feel anger bubbling inside my veins. And for this very reason I despised her. Day after day if any of her least favourite students (least favourite for her own reasons) failed to answer her she would ‘advice’ them to take Literature. That day too she was having a go at one of them ‘advising’. Once again I could feel me getting heated up. I decided to take vengeance by joining for Literature and going as high as possible and finally earning a good and gleaming job. I promised myself that only then I will see her again . I would go stand before her  with a triumphant smile and say (obvously inside my mind) that ” Here I’m back after finishing my studies in Literature. That day you made Literature a joke, today I’m standing before you by proving you wrong. All that I’m today is because of what I chose to study. I        hope now all your misconceptions about Literature is gone. I hope you realize Literature isn’t a mere time killer but much more than that.       Finally thank you for fuelling my spirit with vengeance and making me stand before you today”.. If I live upto that day it’s going to be one of the most happiest day of my life..


Who Is Restricting Our Girls?

It is often said that the patriarchal society is restricting the freedom of women. Women who fights to shake of the chains of restrictions have become a stereotypical image. But isn’t it necessary that we enquire more deeply about this topic?. It’s not wrong to say that a man doesn’t inhibit a woman’s freedom. But there are some other factors too which has the same effect. And the.most important of it is WOMEN itself.The way a mother raises her son and daughter is quite different. A boy is left free to wander outside till late at night but at the same time a girl is supposed to be home by evening. Maybe it’s their fear of the evil hands that may fall upon their daughter. Even in the household the age to use and own a phone is different for a boy and  a girl. After the shocking gang rape in Delhi, even women were blaming the poor soul for being out at night and for her ‘improper’ dressing. It’s an often criticized that girls are told not to get raped but boys are never told not to rape!

Another ill fated thing with women or girls is that they are ready to forefeit their dreams and lives with pleasure. They fail to raise their voice against the injustices happening with them. India is not behind in the statics of child marriage. If one girl had rasied her voice against this social evil , things could have been different. A good popuation of Indian girls let them enslaved by men. Thus we can conclude that women itself is a major factor who restricts her own freedom to a greater extend. 

Be Spontaneous

We all make a lot of plans in life. Some works out and most of it remain as a plan inside our mind or in a piece of paper. Spontaneity has a different taste different from all the planning stuff. Today I did something truly spontaneous. It turned out to be a great experience.  Ofcourse being spontaneous doesn’t include much decision making and thoughts about the forthcoming of the action. But on the plus side it gives you an opportunity to laugh out loud and know yourself more deep. Moreover, it will replenish your store of memories and moments. There is no better way to greet the unpredictable life than being spontaneous.. 

A Day Without Internet 

“Influence of Internet in daily life” is an often heard topic today. Numerous articles,essays etc have been written about it. But let me tell you, inorder to know the real depth of its influence one should live a day without internet. I know that for many of us its nearly impossible. I’m writing this after spending a day and a half without internet. Right now I understand how deep internet has its hold on me. Whole day I had been roaming around like there was nothing in the world for me to do anymore. I crawled onto the bed and remained there the rest of the day listening to songs. Even though my mind was stacked with ideas and plans I couldn’t put any of it to action because all of it required this life changing technology. Without internet my tab and mobile was like a piece of metal.  I kept feeling sad that a whole day of mine got ‘wasted’ because of being disconnected. 

At the same time I kept thinking about the lives of people a couple of years back. I went back a few years when I was a kid who was oblivious of the speedy and progressing digital world. It felt like another me in let’s say another planet. It feels like a vague dream which I saw one day. Anyway I want to thank Bob Marley for his beautiful song ‘The Buffalo Soldier’ which I listened to more than a 10 times today.. 

Chasing a dream..

As I have mentioned in my bio I’m a person who dreams of becoming a writer someday. Right now I’m miles away from that dream. And I dont know when its going to come true either. But I hope someday someone is going to acknowledge me as a writer. And that is going to be the biggest day of my life.