Burn Melt & Die

via Daily Prompt: Scorched

It’s said to be winter. But its weird that I can’t see a drop of snow or mornings covered with fog. All I can see is the burning sun both in morning till evening. While walking out sometimes a fear grips my heart. How long can we live here anymore? Climate change have gone beyond any of our control. It’s slowly sucking the breath out of mother Earth. If we dream of living a life then we better start working for it not just on environment day, ozone day but on all days. Let me give a small tip.

Before you bring forth another generation make sure they gets four things.


    • Air to breathe
    • Food to eat
    • Water to drink
    • Place to settle down and live




Magic Vs Magic..

via Photo Challenge: Magic  Like any other child I was totally (well still I’m) into the magical world created by Disney. I dreamt of living in that sparkling castle enjoying with fellow magical creatures. For the kid in me disney movies became synonym for the word Magic..



But as I grew up I started to witness another kind of ‘magic’. And it was the magic in the name of divinity. Countless healers and saints and prophets emerged and doomed at the same time. Tales began to spread about their divinity. It’s said that they can heal people by touching, by blowing and sometimes just by looking! And then followed the ‘Magical Instruments’ which includes shells to mere wristbands. All your dreams will come true, all you have to do is wear it or carry it with you!. It looks like within years there’s gonna be Harry Potters and Voldemorts walking across the pavements.

What the world needs now is a real magic to throw away the fakes exploiting religion and faith of people. A magic to rid the darkness and bring on the light of reality and truth..






Let’s Make A Happy Tart

via Daily Prompt: Tart  When I first saw the word tart it didn’t ring any bell to me.  But a moment of thought sparked my imagination. A fruit tart contains both sour strawberries as well as the sweet ones. If one picks the sour fruit first he may leave the entire tart behind thinking it’s bad as a whole.Don’t we approach our lives with the same tendancy? With a single negative experience we turn our faces against life and shuts all doors of happiness and lock it with stress and overthinking. We make ourselves believe that the rest of the life is going to be the very same. But what about the sweet fruits lying beneath them? Those are the beautiful surprises held in store for us by life. The sweetness of those will replace the bitterness you felt earlier. So is life. It doesn’t end with the bitter happening it’s only a beginning of the beautiful time ahead. As it’s often said, sometimes bitterness is needed to understand the worth of sweetness. Life ends only when you hesitate to take the next step and give up on your run..https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/tart/

Happy Children’s Day..

Remember the time when Mondays came with a cry and fridays with laughter? The days when a word of praise from the teacher made the day. Childhood; just another word for innocence. Today on my way back home I came across many children dressed in  white kurthas and white pants getting ready for their programme. I couldn’t help but stare at them for some time and think about my childhood. It was an age when a single balloon could make you the happiest person on earth. And the small bruise which you get while playing would be the biggest tension of life. In fact it was the period of life when we all were happily busy with our ‘works’. We didn’t know what it meant to get bored or alone. Whoever played with us became our friends and whoever took away our toys became the enemies. No matter how big the problem was a few hours of sleep would fix it right. 

They say with every year you grow into an adult. But don’t we all have some traits of that kid somewhere in us?  This is to wish you that kid in all of us a HAPPY. CHILDREN’S DAY. Don’t forget to give some space for that kid to grow up and dream..;) 

Sweet Vengeance 

Few years ago I had to make a decision which was really crucial for my future. On one hand I had fallen irrevocably in love with literature and on the other hand I was made to love everything except literature. The question was quite simple. Whether to be a medic or to be a writer.Two factors helped me take my decision.I knew that books made me happy and writing gave me great joy. I decided to follow  my heart’s call and live my passion.

Second one is a long and exciting tale.It was my science tutor who found great joy in blaming and mocking Literature in all the ways she could. According to her Literature was meant for underperforming students and for those who wanted to waste their time. Every time she started this I could feel anger bubbling inside my veins. And for this very reason I despised her. Day after day if any of her least favourite students (least favourite for her own reasons) failed to answer her she would ‘advice’ them to take Literature. That day too she was having a go at one of them ‘advising’. Once again I could feel me getting heated up. I decided to take vengeance by joining for Literature and going as high as possible and finally earning a good and gleaming job. I promised myself that only then I will see her again . I would go stand before her  with a triumphant smile and say (obvously inside my mind) that ” Here I’m back after finishing my studies in Literature. That day you made Literature a joke, today I’m standing before you by proving you wrong. All that I’m today is because of what I chose to study. I        hope now all your misconceptions about Literature is gone. I hope you realize Literature isn’t a mere time killer but much more than that.       Finally thank you for fuelling my spirit with vengeance and making me stand before you today”.. If I live upto that day it’s going to be one of the most happiest day of my life..